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4th Annual Bridges Asia 2013
Hong Kong is to host the 4th Annual Bridges Asia 2013 on February 25-28, 2013.
The event is considered one of the Asia's biggest conference on sustainable bridge infrastructure developments.

Asia is seeing a rapid urbanisation and a sustained economic growth, thus the surge in investment into large infrastructure projects in Asia comes as no surprise. As the demand of infrastructure keep on growing, new design and engineering challenges emerge such as:
- the need for longer and wider bridges
- more complex bridges
- maintenance of existing bridge stock.

The event is focused on:

- Track upcoming projects, ongoing construction updates and investments injected into bridge infrastructure from SE Asian asset owners
- Analyse the various bridge design philosophies to achieve safety, serviceability and constructability
- Overcome construction, maintenance and inspection challenges to increase life span of bridges

Some projects will be showcased as:
- Hardanger Bridge
- Vidin Calafat Project
- Qatar Bahrain Causeway
- Busan River Bridge
- HK Zhuhai Macau Bridge

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, government agencies, architectural, consulting and contracting firms, municipalities, material suppliers, technology providers etc.

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