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Assessing, Upgrading and Refurbishment of Infrastructures
This international conference will take place in Rotterdam on May 6-8, 2013.
"Infrastructure is the backbone of societies in every country and region. Its construction, maintenance and upgrading are vital for functioning of a modern society", says Pedrag L. Popovic, president of IABSE.

The availability, reliability and capacity of structures as part of infrastructure are and will always be a crucial factor for the economical growth and development of regions and cities. Thus Asset management of infrastructures is of vital importance and needs insight into the condition of their structures through proper assessment.

Therefore co-operation of all disciplines, researchers, designers, owners, contractors, etc. is necessary to share, develop and explore knowledge and new solutions.

The event will be focused on the importance that the infrastructures have in our day to day life and the key topics of the event will be:

- Load and carrying capacity and remaining lifetime for bridges, tunnels, port and maritime structures
- Assessment of structural conditions
- Modernization and refurbishment (change of utilization, transformation, conservation, structure of historic and architectural value, etc)
- Materials and products (conservation and repair products, intelligent materials, recycling of materials, etc)
- Structural verifications

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