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What’s 4Bridges, and what does it do?
4Bridges is a company which, through the website commercializes equipment which is used in the field of bridge construction.

To ask for information on the products it is necessary to register with the site for free. Once the user receives his generalities to log in, he can:
- ask for information on the available equipment inserted in the section “products” in our site
- ask for a direct contact with the equipment producer
- view further details on the data versions of the products
- view the information about the requests which have been forwarded and about the current negotiations
- receive the newsletter with updates on the products and news from the bridge industry.

How can I ask for information on a product which has been displayed and shown in the site?
To ask for information on any type of product it is necessary to register with the site inserting your own data in the registration form.
Once you fill in the mandatory parts (the mandatory parts are marked with *), the user will receive a mail with the access generalities (User ID and password) to and the necessary instructions to complete the registration.
Whether the given indications aren’t enough, please contact our technical support writing to

How can I modify some or all of my data?
Inserting his own data, the user can have access to the “Change data” section where he can modify his personal data, and an e-mail will confirm if he has done it correctly.

I’ve filled in the registration form and I’ve received the generalities to have access to the e-mail address I suggested, and still I can’t log in the site. Why?
Once registered, the user will receive an e-mail with the summing-up data and a link where to click to confirm his registration: this is to prevent a person to be registered against his will.
The user will be effectively activated only after having confirmed the operation by e-mail.

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